Planning in Area C
Imneizel Outline Plan
On 4 th March 2014, the International Peace and Cooperation Center obtained final approval from the Israeli Civil Administration for the Outline Plan in Imneizel, a locality to the south of Hebron.   Imneizel is situated in Area C of the West Bank. The work took four years (2010-2014) and was supported by the British Consulate General in Jerusalem and the European Union. The plan covers an area of 192 dunums with 142.6 dunums assigned for residential development.   According to a survey undertaken by IPCC in 2010, the population of the locality is 450 people who live in 60 housing units. The Outline Plan that IPCC prepared allows for 1000 people, the predicted population in 2030, increasing the number of housing units to 222.   The IPCC plan was developed with community participation...

Published on 15-03-2016


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